JavaScript is my favorite programming language because it is very versatile. It's easy to learn and to understand that's why I start programming for the first time with it 3 years ago. I like the way he is always evolving and improving.


After learning javascript I wanted to try one of it's library. So, I start React, thanks to the large and active community, I can learn fast with a lot of exemple and develop my skills efficiently. I like it because of the ease with which I can create a complex interactive application.



I love Node.js because it was the first technology I used to develop a real project. I built a simple Discord bot with it. I was able to learn a lot about JavaScript and how to use it for server-side programming, and I was also able to see my project come to life and be used by others. Overall, working with Node.js was a great introduction to the world of programming and helped me develop a strong foundation for my future projects.


I started learning Vue.js because I wanted to learn a new Js framework. I chose Vue.js because it is a very popular framework and is used by many companies. I liked the fact that it is very easy to learn and use. Overall, Vue.js was a great choice for my first job and helped me deliver quickly a successful project to my client.



I discovered Java at Epitech when we had a project with it. I had heard of Java before, but I had never actually worked with it. Despite being a little nervous at first, I ended up really enjoying the experience of learning and working with Java. All in all, I found Java to be a powerful and versatile programming language, and I'm glad I had the opportunity to work with it.


During my DUT, I primarily used PHP to build dynamic and interactive websites. It was easy to learn and use, and its integration with HTML made it simple to retrieve and display data from a database. Available libraries and frameworks like Laravel and Symfony allowed me to extend and customize my projects. I found PHP to be a practical and useful language for building web-based applications.



I used Laravel to build a task manager for students in 2022. It was a great learning experience because Laravel is a powerful and easy-to-use PHP framework that made it easy to build a full-featured web application. Its clean and expressive syntax made the code easy to read and understand, and its many built-in features and libraries saved me time and effort. In the end, working with Laravel was a valuable and enjoyable experience that helped me improve my skills as a developer.

PosgreSQL - MySQL - MongoDB

I have found postgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB to be valuable tools for storing and managing data. They are all powerful and widely-used databases, and knowing how to use them has given me a strong foundation for working with data in my projects. I have enjoyed learning about the different features and capabilities of each database, and I believe that having experience with multiple database technologies will be helpful in my future career.